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MBA From Canada – A Good Choice or Not

If you are among those students who want to go abroad for higher studies in order to have better job prospects, then Canada is your best destination. Why? Because it consistently been ranked as one of the best countries in the world for pursuing MBA. In addition, it offers high quality of life above everything else. Megamind has point out some important facts below which elucidate why Canada is a better choice for MBA –

It offers a comprehensive international educational experience.

MBA from Canada is acknowledged globally as being of the highest standard.

Enrolling in Business Schools and obtaining student visa for Canada is simple.

Friendly environment for all students.

Education can be done here at economical cost – both in terms of education in Business Schools and the cost of living.

Tuition fees for international students in Business Schools in Canada are much lower than countries like USA.

Provide golden opportunity of post study work for up to three years for students after completion of their MBA program.

Chance to obtain permanent residence here.

The business schools offering MBA degree expose students to the terms of the business world and prepare them with industrial skills, build self-confidence in them and help them in managing tasks and adjust to the ever changing business environment. Therefore, with so many benefits, Canada is the destination of your dreams for overseas education.

As admissions to Canadian business schools though simple are extremely competitive, so one must know the generally accepted norms for MBA in Canada that are as follows:

  • Eligibility: A minimum 4 years professional degree course after 10+2 is required like engineering or other such courses.
  • GMAT: As it is a necessary standard for all international students to pass English test while applying to countries like Canada for further studies. So, what business schools in Canada require from student is to have a minimum GPA of 3.0-3.5 score for admission to an MBA program.

We at Megamind have a team of highly educated professionals who have international exposure and familiarity. We provide you complete counselling on different scenarios related to your further studies in Canada. Our experts keep up to date information on overseas education and exact insight on latest developments and trends.

So, grab this opportunity of fulfilling your dreams by contacting us on +91 837 709 7709 or you can also mail us on

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Want To Study Abroad? Get Into Top Consultants in Delhi

The MEGAMIND brings together under one roof a wide array of worldwide qualifications – professional and vocational – through its high tech, state of the art teaching centers, tactically located across the country. We the team of expert and experienced professionals delivers interesting and pioneering programs combined with industrial knowledge and practical solicitation that will charm to the academic community as well as to a collection of other sectors in the job market.

Our team offers somewhat for everyone – from high school students looking to enhance their academic profile, to experienced practitioners who are seeking to focus on developing new skills, increase their knowledge base and keep up to date with developments within their particular areas of expertise. The staff of professionals also assists those who are looking for a qualification in India that can be used as a pacing stone or as a pathway to further study overseas.

Students Enrolling with us will gain these benefit from us:

  • A wide range of internationally recognized qualifications
  • International faculty
  • Personalized teaching through small class sizes
  • Customized training and learning opportunities.
  • World class infrastructure
  • Ideal counseling sessions to clear all your doubts
  • Perfect companion from start to end
  • Highly trained teaching staff

We at MEGAMIND provide the best-in-class overseas education and we serve as a chaperon and pal throughout the admission journey. We have best advisors who have the latest acquaintance and in depth industry information on overseas education and capable to provide aid to students with many facilities such as career counseling, visa services, application guidelines and training of IELTS exam. By obtaining first step i.e. study overseas consultants in Delhi ensure that all your work proficiencies are offered to you in the same country as you move forward. To join hands with us, give us a ring @ +91 837 709 7709.

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Learn Know-How On Overseas Education

As it is a dream of every dreamer to go abroad for studies, so what you need is proper guidance and knowledge on what is need to be done and how it is to be done. The countries like Canada, Australia, USA, etc becoming some preferred destinations for students for overseas education, so we at Megamind help you achieve your dream destination for further study with its years of experience.

Why study abroad?

This is the most basic and important question that every student should know answer of. The overseas studies offer you high-quality education, exposure to diverse culture, experience for a global mindset and future employment prospects.

How to get started?

Start with the necessary credentials that you need to fulfil in order to get abroad for further study like –

  1. Which country you want to go to,
  2. Which college you want to apply to,
  3. What are their eligibility criteria,
  4. What necessary tests you need to qualify,
  5. What documents are needed with you, and
  6. Looking for best overseas consultants to assist you.

How Megamind help you?

Being one of the best overseas education consultants in Chandigarh, we offer you a myriad of services to help you get on a plane to your study destination. We are not only your consultants, but your guide and companion throughout the journey till you get off the taxi to the university campus of your dreams. The services offered by us are:

English Test Guidance: Countries like Canada have a norm where an international student has to qualify an English test like IELTS, GMAT, GRE, etc in order to apply to the universities there. This test involves four language skills that you need to qualify which is listening, reading, writing & speaking. So, we make sure to give you the best coaching for cracking this exam.

Career Counselling: The main objective is to understand your career necessities. So, we offer one on one session for students to help them manage their thoughts and ideas concerning career choices and goals.

University Selection & Application Guidance: We help throughout the process, starting from your choice of program, filing the application along with required documents correctly, and followed by visa documentation.

Information on Scholarships: We also offer information on various Scholarships awarded by various organizations for students with strong academic records & extracurricular achievements.

So, grab the opportunity to fulfil your wishes by contacting us on +91 837 709 7709 or you can mail us on

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Want To Stay In Canada After Your Graduation?

With the changing trend, most of the patrons want to attain the permanent residency in abroad. And for that they are commencing the step by first acquiring the student visa. We at MEGAMIND provide complete aid to students.

What is post- graduation work permit?
It is a document that provides students to remain in Canada as a worker after completing their study. It is valid for three years after you have completed your graduation from a post- secondary institute in Canada.

How to be eligible for post- graduation work permit?
In order to apply for the post- graduation work permit, you must have continuous studied the full time course and should have completed the entire program of your study that lasted for more than eight months.

It is an outstanding opportunity for all the students who want to attain the permanent residency in Canada. You can apply it within 90 days of receiving your final marks or after receiving your document that you completed the studies.

You can apply your post- graduation work permit online which contains following steps:

  • Determine your eligibility before applying for the same
  • Once approved to apply for it, register yourself in my CIC account
  • Last assemble all your required documents as per your CIC account and follow the instructions after that.

The team of expert is more than study abroad consultants. Our team is your ideal guide and your friend throughout the admission journey and beyond that as well. The team takes pride in delivering the focused approach and initialed services which will help you to achieve your dream and make us perfect podium for our students. As one of the leading overseas consultants in Delhi, we make it a point to deliver ethical standards and dodge unnecessary deferral in post study work permit in Canada smoothly and swiftly.

In order to obtain any kind of information or need assistance in applying for visa details, you can give us a ring @ +91 11 4610-8119 / 4101-3030.

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Let Consultants In Punjab Handle Your Overseas Education

We at MEGAMIND are proficient in fulfilling all your dreams related to overseas education. If you hunting for the right guidance for overseas education, then you have clicked the right clicks. Our company covers 90% of the prominent universities and colleges of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and UK. Further, we provide diverse categories of courses to choose from. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we cater all your needs and requirements with great efficiency. Some of the features, we undertake are:

Extreme Counseling – Our skilled professional counselors deliver immense clarity in the choice of program/course, university and destination.

Application Processing – We help you to combine all the essential documents for admission purposes, educational and financial, appropriate certificates, so on and so forth.

Facilitation of Admission Process – Study overseas; consultants in Delhi focus on putting the regular updates and processing the applications with the universities.

Student VISA – Consultants in Punjab help you in the planning of your visa documents ensuring that your application is as error free as possible and appropriate in all esteems.

Pre-Departure Counseling – For overseas education, consultants in Punjab make the students aware
about the destination, its culture & habits, lifestyle and disciplines.

IELTS Classes –We hold IELTS classes which are a very common test for any student to take up if he/she wants to study abroad.

Additional Information – Furthermore, we provide assistance on proposal of student loans, travel and health insurance and accommodation for all.

Still have any questions, you can call us @ +91 837 709 7709, +91 11 4601-3773 / 3774.

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Looking For Prominent Engineering Colleges In Canada?

Canada is one of the well popular countries to pursue your higher education if you are a collaborative person. Virtually every traditional group is presented in Canada and thus making Canada a multicultural society. The language barrier is not a concern to foreign students as Canada is deliberated the world’s leader in language training and English and French is the major languages which are spoken in Canada.

We at MEGAMIND offer the students with perfect aid so that they can fulfill their dreams certainly. Diverse courses which are taught by competent mentors that are intended to boost participant’s understanding of a given area or teaching in a specific discipline. These courses are further categorized in terms of length, size, content and duration.

A bachelor in Engineering is fretful with the practical applications of the advancements in scientific, economic and social theories. This follows a procedure of observation, design, implementation and maintenance of solutions for all kinds of problems and issues. The subject incorporates a great multiplicity of fields and students are destined to find a degree according to their interest.

To avail admission in the best colleges of Canada, students must be suitable as per the criteria set by the colleges which include:

  • Most programs don’t require GRE but it’s recommended for students.
  • TOEFL/IELTS/MELAB is required for non-native English speakers and minimum scores for TOEFL can vary from 80-100 depending on program/University in which you want admission.
  • GPA is precarious factor of your profile.

The team of expert professionals helps you in getting the admission. We support you from the beginning point and will not lay back until you are well settled in Canada. Not to forget, some of the best engineering colleges in Canada are:


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Looking For The Top Canada Education Consultants?

Canada is an immensely a popular choice for an overseas study destination for a horde of reasons. From secure environment to first-rate education system at affordable prices, copious opportunities to buzzing city life and pleasing locations with easiness to hold permanent residency, Canada provide the whole lot you could possibly want from life.
We at, MEGAMIND help you in constructing the path you always dreamed of. We are the top leading company, specialize in overseas education. We undertake numerous universities and colleges of countries:

  • • Canada
  • • New Zealand
  • • U.K
  • • Ireland
  • • Australia
  • • Singapore

We are not just consultants but friend and a guide to support you in fulfilling all your dreams. Our firm hires the professionals from overseas and they are well qualified in their respective professions in order to suit your needs and demands. You can take counseling sessions from the expert team which will guide in selecting the course and country as per your interests. We take pride in offering you various services ranges from selecting the course and universities to getting the visa. We are the fusion of values and abilities and make sure to keep a pace with the changing desires of the students. Hire us as a Canada education Consultants and we promise to deliver the best suitable results to you.

Canada provides globally recognized education system with pocket- friendly tuition fees and cost of living. Canada also delivers golden opportunities for the students who want to hold a permanent residency. There are various courses to choose from and numerous acknowledged universities and colleges to be a part of. In addition, these universities provide a multi- cultural safe environment for the entire range of students. Study in Canada and make a right decision to advance yourself.

For additional information or guidelines, give us a ring @
+91 837 709 7709
+91 11 4601-3773 / 3774.

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Overseas Education – A Path To A Successful Career

For making a higher jump in life, we have to sometime take decisions that look revolting at start but are the main pillars for our future. In the same manner, when deciding for your career, you have to take decisions that look doubtful and confusing at start, but ultimately lead your path to a successful career. We understand that your career is very important for you and so, guide you to grab them.

Getting an education overseas in abroad countries is a dream that every student dreams of. But how to achieve this dream is a question that mostly don’t know answer of. For such students, we have come with the purpose to guide them to their dream destination of studying abroad. Our Overseas education consultants in Chandigarh offers services for countries like Australia, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore and Ireland.

We help students through the whole ordeal of:

  • Passing IELTS tests with our expert coaching team.
  • Organizing Career Counselling for students to better understand their aim and guide them to best university/college they want.
  • Helping with procedures of applying and admissions to their dream college.
  • Assisting and guiding students through student visa procedures.
  • Supplying information about various scholarship programmes that are being awarded nationally and internationally.

We have an experienced team of experts who have international exposure and are vastly educated, globally travelled and who have international familiarity. Our overseas education consultants in Punjab keep up to date information on overseas education and exact insight on latest developments and trends.

Our aim is to acquaint budding undergraduate aspirant on overseas universities about the procedure, classes, faculty, finances, library, and reputation. After all, your career is your concern and our responsibility.

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