We at MEGAMIND offer our students with the right guidance to select the suitable course and university on the foundation of their profile and interests. We offer each aspirant with bespoke attention and services. Our team of expert and experienced workforces ensures that your requests for admissions are well equipped and well presented. Further our career counsellors precisely track admission trends at innumerable universities. They make it point to keep a tag on immigration rules and strategies of destination countries.

Megamind has absolutely exaggerated the career consequences of uncountable aspirants and our on-going relationship with our students has been a flattering story of unmatched success. We take pride in successfully completing the dreams of students by placing many of our students in universities of the countries that we epitomise. We are reputable in the immigration circle for our particular services and are acclaimed by our clients for elevating their experience in Visa facilitation. We work hard to deliver the best immigration services to clients and that too at very affordable in terms of service cost.

We provide best overseas education for six countries which comprise of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Ireland and Singapore. Based on the program and institution of your choice, we are answerable for ensuring that your submissions are widespread and processed through the exact channels. Our overseas education consultants in Punjab ensure to offer the various services to our students including:

1- Career Counselling
2- University Selection
3- Application Guidelines
4- IELTS Exams
5- Scholarships
6- Visa Services
7- Pre- Post Departure

WHY CHOOSE the consultants in Punjab:

– Extremely Committed and Experienced Staff which value Students’ talent and their parents’ money.

– Have connotation with Well-Fortified Universities and Working places.

– Throughout Direction and Backing from Board of Directors.

– We undertake free counselling, Assessment, telephonic consultation, Case filing and representation, Pre-departure briefings and Post- landing services.

– We are not thoroughly altered from others but we have rare things those make us one of the paramount in market.

Further for more information, get in touch with us by writing us yours questions at Study@megamindonline.com or giving us a ring at + 91 11 4601-3773 / 3774.


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