Month: July 2017

Engineering Colleges In Canada – Path To A Bright Future

Engineering is said to be a well-respected field that not only have best income in the industry, but also offer status to a person. It is well-appreciated among most of the students who dreams of becoming an engineer. The various domains that this field has have ample opportunities for students to try their worth as per their talents. The domains like Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, etc are some of the streams that one can enrol in to make a perfect career.

With selection of streams, selection of colleges also matters. And if the college is in a country that has a global recognition for its education then it is a cherry on top for a student. Canada is one such global destination which has an international presence and a degree in an engineering program from here has worldwide importance, which means you will have a degree that has global value.

Here is a list of some of the top Engineering Colleges in Canada who provide a competitive education environment coupled with excellent opportunities to become experts in the Engineering field –

Waterloo University
Being Canada’s largest engineering university; it provides the best professional education especially in the field of Software Engineering. The other engineering courses that are available here are Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc. at both undergraduate and graduate level. It also conducts research activities with various research institutes.

University of British Columbia
The engineering programmes offered by this university have the top recognition among the Engineering programs offered in the world. Undergraduate and graduate courses are offered in various disciplines of Engineering & Technology which goes hand in hand with international education through exchange programs. UBC has the second largest research-based income in Canada.

Along with undergraduate and graduate courses in various Engineering programs, the faculty of this university is the second among Canada’s leading Engineering schools. Research projects are conducted in the sectors of Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning. Financial assistance is available for the prospective students.

Simon Fraser University
This University offers unique education and training in various engineering courses. Research is conducted in the fields of engineering and other notable fields like Biomedical, Robotics, Intelligent Control Systems, etc. here the scholarships programs are available for students.

Queen’s University
It offers various Engineering programs such as Engineering and Applied Sciences, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc. It is a well- Research-intensive University which is collaborated with various research institutes in and around Canada offering excellent exposure to potential students.

Thus, these engineering colleges & universities offer excellent coursework and practical training to students and that makes Canada a popular student destination for engineering related studies.

Megamind, the best education consultants for Canada, provides you assistance so that you can get closer to your dream of making a great career in engineering. We offer you our range of services including career counselling, information on admission procedures, visa services, application guidelines and training of IELTS exam. Our team of experts have international exposure and are familiar with latest knowledge and in depth industry information on overseas. Thus, we are there with you at every step and are your guide and friend.

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Month: July 2017

Canada – A Pool Of Study Programmes For International Students

Canada is the world’s renowned educational hub famous for its academic excellence and state-of-the-art facilities in colleges & universities. One can experience the research-enriched learning environment in campuses here and develop the important critical thinking & analytical skills that global market demands from you. The international students from different countries prefer Canada for further studies and we will let you know why it is so –

A Net of Opportunity for International Students

Canada offers international students the opportunity to select a course of their choice from more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by various universities & colleges here. The several study in Canada for international students programmes are:

1- Certificate level (1 year) study programme

2- Diploma level (1-2 years) study programme

3- Advanced Diploma (2 or 3 years) study programme

4- Bachelor degrees (4 years) full-time study programme

5- Post-graduate Diplomas/Certificates (1 or 2 years) study programme

7- Masters degrees (1-2 years) study programme

8- Doctorate or PhD (4-7 years) study programme

Beside study opportunities, Canada educational institutions also offer support services like orientation activities, student advisors, language support, academic associations, social clubs and other programs to students to help them get comfortable and adjust to living and studying in Canada.

For students and professionals who want to go for post graduate research programmes, the Canada education bodies and industry support research in areas including telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, computer technology, and environmental science. Thus, it is a great opportunity to grab for researchers & Scholars.

Apart from education services, the country also offers the opportunity to Post study work permit in Canada for a period of three years. International students may work part-time for 20 hours per week, the first six months in campus and off campus post this period. During vacations, they can work for up to 40 hours. Other than this, one can also apply for a permanent residence here.

We, at Megamind, offer you all the assistance & guidance you need to help you apply to the college or university of your choice. We have an experienced team of experts who have international exposure and are vastly educated, globally travelled and who have international familiarity. Our aim is to acquaint the aspirants about the procedure, classes, faculty, finances, library, and reputation of an overseas education destination. After all, your career is your concern and our responsibility.

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Month: July 2017

Why Canada A Preferred Study Destination For Indian Students?

Canada is among the world’s top 10 destinations for abroad study. Here the education system, unlike India, is under the control of each of its province. It is world known for being the most educated country with over half of the population being the college graduates.

If you are among those students who are planning to go abroad for further education, then Canada is the best option for you. Megamind, the best study in Canada consultants in Delhi, enlightens you on why is it so –

World-Class Colleges & Universities

Canadian being an educational hub has colleges & universities that are well distinguished for their high quality & excellence in academic standards. The universities here are constantly ranked among the top universities internationally.

Economical & Affordable

Canada stands out in the world for its academics & standard of living. The other best thing here is the economical cost of living and tuition fees which are generally lower than other countries like the US and the UK.

Numerous Options at hand

You have more than 10,000 undergraduate & graduate programmes as well as professional degree programs that are offered across various universities & colleges here. Thus, you have lot of options to choose from.

Open to the world

Along with academic benefits, you can experience the research-enriched learning environment in Canada. The university campuses here are in line with the latest technology and modern amenities, quality sports facilities, art galleries, and concert halls for your leisure time. Indian students will have the numerous opportunities to meet like-minded peers and gain valuable international student experience and develop useful critical thinking and analytical skills.

Practical Learning while Studying

The Canadian universities also offer a wide range of programs which provide opportunities with practical experiences and including collective learning, that is it alternates classroom education while on-the-job training and internships.

Multi-Cultural Diversity

Canada being an education focus for international students, offers you to explore & experience multicultural diversity in campus as well as outside. Regardless of ethnic origin, Indian students feel at home in the diverse and welcoming communities and campuses here.

Opportunity for Post Study Work permit & Permanent Residence

International students have the opportunity to work during their studies and after they graduate. University graduates may also be eligible to transition to permanent residence in Canada.

So, if you are deciding to go to Canada, then we are your Canada education Consultants who will help you completely with all the procedures. We are your friend, confidante and guide who aim to give you the right guidance for your career.

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Month: July 2017

Why Consult Overseas Education Consultants When Applying To A Foreign University?

Your board results are out and the world has its hand stretched to offer you so much, your mind is the only limit. There might be many of you who have decided to go for an international programme in a popular university abroad. But are you fully prepared and ready? Did you cross checked all necessary scenarios that needs to be covered? Are you confused? There are these & similar questions that may be plaguing your mind right now. Correct?
In such situations, the perfect guidance from overseas education consultants in Punjab will be very useful. Why? Megamind has listed out some points that explain why it is important to seek for education consultants when opting for international study programme and what benefits do you get by consulting them –

Career Counselling: It is the fundamental and most important phase that student should attend while going for overseas education. During a counselling session, we help students by –

o Advising them about their career prospective and what they can do,
o Update them on which country he/she should go,
o Suggest the best university for a particular course that students want to pursue,
o Inform them about the appropriate time for taking admissions in a particular college or university.

University Selection & Admission Guidance: We help students by briefing them about various colleges & universities available to choose from. We tell them which university will be a suitable option as per their preferred course. Furthermore, provide information about the fee structure and total estimated expense of staying in a country. Thus, we help students with the admission procedure and payment of fees and other necessities.

Information about Fees & Living Expenses: We provide you a complete idea of what will be the total amount for tuition & security fees along with accommodation expenses and how much amount to be shown to the embassy. In addition, we also inform you about the documents you require for a particular procedure.

Visa Assistance: We provide you the required information and the list of documents that you need in order to apply for Student Visa process. We guide you through the whole process and help you with your Visa application.

Scholarship Programmes: We also offer information on various Scholarships programmes that are awarded by various organizations to students with strong academic records & extracurricular achievements.

Job Prospects & PR: Every country offers their international students the post study work permit and a chance to PR (Permanent Residency). We provide you all the necessary information on what conditions you need to fulfil before applying for a post study work permit or to be a permanent residence of that country.

Our major concern and topmost priority is to help you completely with all the procedures. We are with you from start to end from getting admissions to post landing to your destination. Thus, being a Punjab to abroad consultant Chandigarh professionals, we are your friend, confidante and guide whose aim to give you the right guidance for your career.