Month: August 2017

Are You Looking For Overseas Consultants In Punjab?

We at MEGAMIND offer our students with the right guidance to select the suitable course and university on the foundation of their profile and interests. We offer each aspirant with bespoke attention and services. Our team of expert and experienced workforces ensures that your requests for admissions are well equipped and well presented. Further our career counsellors precisely track admission trends at innumerable universities. They make it point to keep a tag on immigration rules and strategies of destination countries.

Megamind has absolutely exaggerated the career consequences of uncountable aspirants and our on-going relationship with our students has been a flattering story of unmatched success. We take pride in successfully completing the dreams of students by placing many of our students in universities of the countries that we epitomise. We are reputable in the immigration circle for our particular services and are acclaimed by our clients for elevating their experience in Visa facilitation. We work hard to deliver the best immigration services to clients and that too at very affordable in terms of service cost.

We provide best overseas education for six countries which comprise of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Ireland and Singapore. Based on the program and institution of your choice, we are answerable for ensuring that your submissions are widespread and processed through the exact channels. Our overseas education consultants in Punjab ensure to offer the various services to our students including:

1- Career Counselling
2- University Selection
3- Application Guidelines
4- IELTS Exams
5- Scholarships
6- Visa Services
7- Pre- Post Departure

WHY CHOOSE the consultants in Punjab:

– Extremely Committed and Experienced Staff which value Students’ talent and their parents’ money.

– Have connotation with Well-Fortified Universities and Working places.

– Throughout Direction and Backing from Board of Directors.

– We undertake free counselling, Assessment, telephonic consultation, Case filing and representation, Pre-departure briefings and Post- landing services.

– We are not thoroughly altered from others but we have rare things those make us one of the paramount in market.

Further for more information, get in touch with us by writing us yours questions at or giving us a ring at + 91 11 4601-3773 / 3774.

Month: August 2017

Explore Dozens Of Study Abroad Programs In Canada

If you are fascinated in working internationally, then it is a worthy idea for you to study in Canada. This opportunity offered by MEGAMIND may help to provide you with a broader network and access to a creek of chances that you may not have access to by studying in your innate country.

Why to Study in Canada

Canada’s post-secondary prospects spin around a inclusive range of University options. Throughout Canada’s 13 provinces and territories, there are 72 universities to choose from for students.

Our services for Canada

From counselling sessions by experts to getting a perfect accommodation for you in Canada, we cater each and everything. Avail our classes for diverse tests require for entering in different countries.

Application Process & Deadlines

We provide you and will further help to complete all the procedures for getting into your desired country. We will undertake all your needs and requirements.

Cost of Studying in Canada

The cost of education in Canada contrasts between the states and the institutions. Regular tuition fees per year range from $10,000 to $20,000 Canadian per annum.

Studying & Living in Canada

It is always great to stay on campus. Not only are the simple amenities easily available but also on-campus life permits students to progressively assimilate into the environment of the university and country.

Consider these points before Selecting a Study in Canada Program

  • In addition to the cultural variances you’ll encounter, you should also decide if you are prepared to learn a whole new language.
  • Canada, one of the principal countries in the world is a prodigious place for students of all ages to go to learn and explore.
  • Visualise how living there while you pursue an education may profit you. As the second largest country in the world, you may find that there is no deficiency of opportunities for you to consider.

Feel free to visit our assistance team to learn more about how study abroad in Canada can change your life. For more information simply connect with us through +91 11 4610-8119 / 4101-3030 or

Month: August 2017

Steps To Apply For Student Visa For Overseas Education

There are several things to do when you are getting ready to fly to your abroad destination. From getting admission to payment of tuition fees, accommodation expenses to travelling costs and visa applications, all processes are need to be completed before going to your dream country. In this horde of completing all the above procedures, we, at Megamind, are ready to be your guide to direct you towards the path to a bright future.

Among the processes mentioned above, the final stage is the visa application which is the most crucial task. It could be very confusing at times as there is no single application for it and its documentation requirements differ from country to country. In addition to the basic online application, following steps are needed to be followed for a study abroad visa.

  • A Bonafide Letter from your abroad college or university on their official letterhead stating that they are sponsoring you. This letter should include lists like tuition fees, accommodation costs and board costs, proof of housing, etc.
  • It is mandatory for students to submit a written proof from the bank institution that you have a certain amount of money in a bank account with your name on it. It should include the details that you can accommodate your living expenses and evidence of payment.
  • A written proof that you can pay your tuition fees, in case if you are pursuing an independent study programs instead of a college or university course.
  • When you completely fill your online visa application, you automatically sign up for an appointment to get your fingerprints taken. For that to accomplish, you have to go to the nearest immigration center, or wherever they ask you to go, and get your prints electronically or biometrically.
  • You should have a passport ready with you as you are required to mail it in along with the rest of the documents. This proves that you have the means to live in your desired abroad country for an education program. You will get your passport back with the visa inside.
  • You should also have a passport eligible photo ready with you which should be according to the specifications of a particular country. You only have enough time to apply for your visa once, so don’t miss it due to a poor quality photo.
  • Make sure that you send your Visa application before two months in advance, so that you could get your Student Visa on time. Also, make copies of every document as anything could be get missed during transit and having copies of all documents will save you time, energy and money.

We, at Megamind, the best student visa consultants in Chandigarh, have a team of highly educated professionals who have international exposure and familiarity. We assist you by offering counselling on different scenarios related to your further studies overseas. Our experts keep up to date information on abroad education and exact insight on latest developments and trends.

So, grab this opportunity to achieve your dreams by contacting us on +91 837 709 7709 or you can also mail us on

Month: August 2017

Why An Engineering Degree From Canada Is A Good Choice?

Engineering is a broad field that pave the way for young aspirants to travel on a path to a bright future. This field of excellent opportunities for students offer numerous professional courses that have a promising career up ahead. It is one of the oldest disciplines of study with courses available in domains like Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Aerospace, Marine, Aeronautical, Chemical, etc.

Engineering has always been and always will be a popular choice among students for professional studies. And if the career in this discipline is done from a place that has International recognition, then that is the best prospect for a student. Right! So, Canada is a destination that offers you world’s best education in the world’s best universities and colleges. We, at Megamind, will guide you on how you can become the best professional in your choice of engineering field by Studying in Canada.

How to Choose an Engineering College in Canada?

The various engineering colleges & universities offer you high quality, comprehensive Engineering courses in Canada. These engineering courses are taught by first-class, expert faculty members who aim to make students apply mathematical and scientific principles in order to develop effective solutions for real-world, technical problems.

In order to do so, it is very important for a student to choose the right college among the assorted options of engineering colleges here. The factors that one must consider while choosing a college in Canada are its Infrastructure (whether the college is capable enough to fit the number of students in the campus), Faculty, Facilities, Placement Records, Extra-Curricular Activities and Location.

Why Choose Canada?

With degrees and certificates that are recognized world over, engineering colleges in Canada follow very high academic standards and thorough quality controls that ensure that the students get high quality education. The benefits of graduating with a degree from the Engineering Colleges in Canada are –

  • Gaining impressive Canadian credentials that has world acknowledgement.
  • Practical real-world experience,
  • Strong foundation in the knowledge base for an international stability,
  • Affordable tuition fees,
  • Quality education,
  • Post-Study work options and prospects of permanent residence here,
  • World renowned institutions,
  • Living standards are highest in the world,
  • Cost of living and tuition fees for international students are generally lower, etc.

So, with benefits so huge, it is a favourable destination for individuals to pursue their career in Engineering. And we are all the way prepared and well-equipped to help you to become a part of Canada and achieve your dream of a bright and promising future.

For more information, contact us on +91 837 709 7709 or you can mail us on