International Students who are interested in studying in Canada for broadening their horizon to a better future, Megamind has bring for you some information that can benefits you in long term.

Canada, in addition to having some of the best universities of the world & excellent academic history, offers you to apply for a post study work permit after the successful completion of your study program. This post study work permit is granted to students in order to provide them the necessary work experience in Canada. This work program, can further lead to permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class Visa. But what you first need to know is –

Eligibility for Post Study Work Permit in Canada

  1. The international students must have studied regularly for 8 months in a fulltime course before completion of their program.
  2. She/he must be a graduate from –

* Note: – If it is a private institution, then it should receive at least 50% of financing from the government of Canada.

  1. They need to apply for a work permit within 90 days after receiving a written confirmation from their respective academic institutions about them being eligible to attend their selected programs.
  2. They must have a valid Study Visa at time of submitting their application for a Post study Work Permit in Canada.

Please note that, if you are pursuing a course in Canadian institutions which may end before 2 years, but last longer than 8 months, then also you can apply for a Canada Post-Study Work Permit.

Duration of Canada Post Study Work Permit

The duration of Work Permit in Canada is valid for a period of 3 years. And after the completion of these working 3 years, if the applicant has a year of work experience in technical, managerial or any professional field, then they can apply for The Canadian Experience Class visa. This Experience Class Visa provides an international graduate a chance to secure permanent residential status in Canada.

Benefits of Canada Post Study Work Permit

The benefits that Canada offers with its post study work permit is –

  1. A Student with a work visa is free from any employment restriction and can look for employment without the need of a sponsor.
  2. The purpose of this work permit is to help international graduates in Canada to attain the necessary working skills and experience, necessary requirement when applying for Canadian Citizenship via the Canadian Experience Class program.

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