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Admission Fair 2019

Study in Canada

why Canada?

Admission Fair 2019

Study in Canada

why Canada?

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What is the average cost of studying in Canada?

Average cost of study is $6571 but can vary depending on what program a student is enrolled in and which university.

What are the fund requirements for student visa in Canada?

For Student visa in Canada which also included proof of funds required to support the student is $10,000 for year. This is not inclusive of your fees.

What is IELTS requirement for Canada?

A student needs to score a minimum of 6.0 overall and no component less than 5.5 for undergraduate and 6.5 overall with no component less than 6.0 for postgraduate.

How much does student visa cost?

Applying for student visa would cost CA$150

Is GIC compulsory for student visa in Canada?

Yes, if you are applying for study permit in Canada under SDS program (Student Direct Stream)