Canada is among the finest destinations for higher studies for international students and is the second highest G-8 country in terms of the expenditure it spent on education. With about 130,000 international students visit Canada for professional studies, it is always the preferred choice for them. Megamind, the best overseas education consultants in Chandigarh, explains you the reason behind its popularity.

Whether in terms of better academics or the world-acknowledged reputation, the Canadian universities offer internationally acclaimed courses that are similar to a degree from a university in the US. The cost of education in Canada is also less as compared to other countries like US, UK and Australia. The best 5 courses that one can pursue in Canada are –

  1. Engineering: One can acquire a degree in Mechanical, Civil, Computer, Petrochemical or any other field, as Canada offer numerous opportunities in this reputable sector for students.
  2. Information Technology: One of the world’s best courses that can lead to you the best jobs in the IT market is offered by the best Engineering colleges in Canada.
  3. Business Management: This program offers a foundation in business subjects, including core courses in marketing and e-commerce, business law and management.
  4. Pharmacy Technician: This course helps students develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary in industries that are thriving in today’s global economy.
  5. Hospitality Management: Each program and course is improvised to facilitate students the competitive environment required to be universally active to contribute to the global economy.

The advantages that an international student can avail by pursuing any of these courses are –

  1. Excellent laboratories & facilities for wide-ranging experimentation & problem-solving based learning.
  2. Experience and well-known professors who are expert in their respective fields of study.
  3. Innovative education methods to train students to become the masters of their professions in a real world work scenario.
  4. Numerous internship exposures & opportunities.
  5. High-academic exposure at affordable fees.
  6. All the graduate degrees are globally recognized.
  7. Explore the multi-cultural diversity in the university’s campuses.

Other than these advantages, the undergraduate engineering courses offered by Canadian colleges & universities are mainly of 4 years duration after which students can apply for open work visa up to 3 years. After gaining work experience of minimum one year in the related field, one also becomes eligible to apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada.

So, the students who come back to India after gaining an international qualification, experience and exposure from Canada, get an upper edge compared to their other colleagues in India and can easily get absorbed in multinational companies.

So, with our study abroad services, one can pursue a career in Engineering courses in Canada or the courses in other sectors. We are all the way prepared and well-equipped to help you to become a part of Canada and achieve your dream of a bright and promising future.

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